A little bit about us...

Why did we start this business?

We suddenly lost my father in December 2021, 6 days before Christmas.  Christmas is already an expensive time of the year as it is and on top of that we were suddenly planning a funeral.  We were looking around for flowers for part of the service and were shocked to see the price of some of these flowers.  The prices were extortionate for something we'd be using for maximum of 1 hour.  We shopped around and managed to find some artificial flowers which were equally as beautiful but at a much more affordable price.  This prompted us to want to start up our own business for people like us who simply couldn't afford the price of real flowers but still want their flowers to look beautiful.

How does it work?

The process is very simple.  Our flowers are not for sale but for hire.  This allows us to provide a service to multiple people and also remain environmentally friendly.

The process works as such

  • Decide which of our flowers you would like to hire for your service
  • Send us an email/message explaining which flowers you would like
  • We will take the chosen flowers to the funeral parlour of your choice at a time that you choose 
  • The flowers will be used for the service
  • We will collect the flowers from the chosen funeral parlour later that day or the following day.

This process means you have one less thing to worry about.  The flowers will be ready for you and you do not need to worry about them at the end of the service.



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